Orielsy Diaz

A little about me and some ramblings:

"Hello my name is Orielsy Diaz and I'm an HTML-oholic."

I fell in love with Computer Science (specifically Web Development) in high school and I've been pursuing this dream ever since.

After many years in persuit ( U.S. Navy, College) I was blessed to get a job offer before finishing college and I have been working in the field ever since.

We never stop learning in this business since there's always something new over the horizon. Whether it be something a more experienced coworker shares with you or something you just randomly stumble on while working on the week's projects. Some would call what I do "a job". I do personally think it's "a job" but it sure doesn't feel like one. I enjoy it so much it's hard to believe I get paid for this.

"I fight for the USER!" - Tron

Like Tron, I too fight for the User Interface.

I'm a UI/UX Web Developer fluent in (HTML, CSS, Javascript) modern web technologies / methodologies.

I've worked on sites for companies such as Motorola, Verizon, Pepsi and many more.

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